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Education Project

We (OCEAN FOUNDATION) are opening a free computer coaching center for under privileged children. We want to provide the best coaching every month to the poor children for their bright future on behalf of your support. We adopted 106 under privileged children & 46 handicapped children for this education project.

We are requesting to you respected donor kindly provide the registration frees(2800 rupees) one time for handicapped (46)poor children's for free training. Registration is going on. which is (425600) total cost of all registrations for 152 children bright future.so its a gentle request to you,try to support as maximum registration fees for the poor handicapped and under privileged children.

Our NGO registered by government of India (Reg.No.353/15) is total registration cost to all

We are supporting 152 underprivileged children at Diamond Siksha Samiti Public School

Our education initiative includes pre-school (3-6 years), non-formal education [6-14 years non-school going], remedial education [6-14 years school going ] and courses for drop-outs [14-18 years ].

Our classes will be start on 20th October 2015 at Makan pur, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad near Aditya mall, 201010

Your contribution will definitely make you feel proud that you are saving the life of child.

We don't have the words to thank you for your support. It has meant more than what you can think of has changed that poor children life completely.

We request you to please donate generously towards this noble cause of saving a child's life future as we all know that "No one has ever become poor by giving". There would not be a better gift to give to a child than his life. As we all remember greatest people who served our nation just to serve humanity at their best. Please click here to help this child : http://www.oceanfoundations.org/payment.php

Education Project