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What We Do

What we do

Ocean foundation is an organization that works in partnership with community-based children’s organizations to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education and other human rights. We are activists who provide the necessary support to the issues affecting children globally; amplify the voices, build children’s capacity to use social change and children’s rights and strengthen the impact of feminist and social movement activists to transform society. We provide resources and training to meet these goals by addressing immediate needs in their communities and developing long-term solutions to the crises they face. ocean foundation was born out of a belief that together we can make a difference. children cannot develop long-term solutions to the crises they face when they are struggling to ensure their family’s daily survival. ocean foundation therefore works to meet urgent needs as a necessary component of creating social change. Our movement enables people to come together and see their own struggles in a broader context and in relation to other peoples’ struggles. ocean foundation strength lies in our ability to meet the urgent needs of children and families as we work towards a long-term vision of social justice. children are often hardest hit when disaster strikes. That’s because they have fewer resources to start with and often have no safety net. children are also primarily responsible for those made most vulnerable by disaster—children, the elderly and people who are ill or disabled.

The experience of working with the communities provided us with an understanding that considering health of adolescents/ young people along with children and children is significant in terms of overall health and development status of the community. But children need more than aid. children at the community level must be integral to designing and carrying out relief efforts.

ocean foundation founders have pooled the strengths of their diverse social work and life experiences to create an organization that addresses the problems, difficulties, Upliftment and social change of poor and neglected childrens. We are proud to have been part of and contributed to the blossoming and growth of the feminist movements of social change for childrens in different parts of our society. We are committed to continue our participation and contribution to feminist and social movement activism for the oppressed and neglected childrens and to promote gender equality and children’s empowerment